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Northside Defence


Home of Self Defence on the Northern Beaches!

Here at Northside Defence our aim is to make you prepared for a world that can at times be unpredictable and harsh.
Our core self defence training comes from the Krav Maga system and picks up some help from boxing/kick boxing and wrestling along the way.

We don’t believe there’s one system or art that can prepare you for everything which is why our syllabus incorporates and focuses on the fundamentals of other practical fighting sports.

The goal is not to only make you physically prepared for a threatening situation or conflict but to prepare you mentally too. We have a heightened focus on situational awareness and threat identification, de-escalation and avoidance.

krav maga northern beaches

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a military self defence system developed for the Israeli defence and
security forces derived from a number of martial arts and fighting styles.

Krav Maga is known for its realistic, no-nonsense approach to self defence focusing on real world situations
and testing of techniques which is why we utilise it.

We may not be as traditional as most Krav Maga schools but we focus heavily on the core principles:

  • Movements should be instinctive
  • Techniques should be simple and repeatable under pressure
  • One solution to many problems
  • Attacking vulnerable targets
  • Defend/attack simultaneously
  • Maintaining awareness of situation and surroundings
  • Defending multiple attackers

Most importantly, learning and training should be done in a relaxed and fun environment. We plan to have students enjoying their training through new experiences and laughter.

krav maga northern beaches

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